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Stephen Gaither, Webmaster

EZBoard Global screen name:
AtheistJedi   (works on any and all
EZBoard message boards)

Yahoo! Messenger screen name:

Please send all bombs and
pain inflicting devices to:

About the Webmaster

Yahoo! Messenger Screennames

Atheist_Jedi, Orionleader (obviously)

Grade (I'm in high school)

Junior (11th grade for the few of you that don't know)

Where am I from?

Kingfisher, Oklahoma, US of A, Terra, Sol System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group Cluster, Universe No. 666


No, thanks. (Atheist)


Astronautal Design & Operations, Science- Fiction, Atheism, and Music

Favorite Book

Life, the Universe, and Everything, by Douglas Adams

Favorite Author

Douglas Adams (1952-2001)

Favorite Songs

Journey of the Sorceror, by The Eagles
What I Feel Inside, by Clint Black
Main Street, by Garth Brooks (as Chris Gaines)
MMMM MMM MMMM, by The Crash Test Dummies
Hotel California, by The Eagles
Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd
Standing Outside the Fire, by Garth Brooks
The Last Resort, by The Eagles
Wherever You Go, by Clint Black
Maybe, by Garth Brooks (also as Chris Gaines)
The King of Hollywood, by The Eagles

Favorite Quotes

No boom today. Boom tomorrow, there's always a boom tomorrow. - Lt. Cmdr. Susan Ivanova (Babylon 5)

Bad mens, Jaya! Bad mens! - Anakin Solo (Star Wars: The Crystal Star)

Religion is bunk! - Thomas Alva Edison (inventor of the light buld, and the phonograph)

Favorite Singers/Bands

Clint Black, The Eagles, Garth Brooks, Pink Floyd

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