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Refractions of a Four Dimensional Multiverse

    The year is 2102. Earth is in the middle of a third world war. Originally, the war started in 2088 over territorial and economical disputes between two sides... the Eastern Confederation and the United States. Between 2089 and 2091, a subversive element within the American government, which had been building up for many years, and which included the President and most of congress, started becoming apparent to the rest of the population. Within a year, they had seized total control. America went from an entirely Atheocratic Democracy, to a Christian Theo-Autocracy in less than a year. Martial law was soon the norm. The constitution was replaced with a bible. Heresy, witchcraft, and blasphemy were becoming commonplace, and with no laws to protect citizens from cruel and unusual punishment, the most popular sentence was stoning, usually to death. Anyone belonging to a non-authorized religion was deported. Atheists were imprisoned, then tortured. Soon, the front lines were moved from Egypt and Turkey, to South America, Far Eastern Asia, and Europe. After about six months all of Europe had been subjugated. The next year, the Christian Empire, as it is now known, began to exterminate anyone who wouldn't conform to their standards. Over the next few years, unbeknownst to the Imperials, we, the