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A Day in the Life
Disclaimer: I do not own Guri (DAMN MY LUCK!!!) and I don't own most of the places. I do own the storyline. And furthermore, If you don't like it, you can kiss my ass because there is nothing you can do to change it.Yada Yada Yada...  Now on to the story! NOTE:  Water freezes at 273º Kelvin.  

A Day in the Life
(A Day in the Life)

Part I

    "Please make sure your seat is in its upright and locked position. We will be landing on Coruscant in a few minutes," the stewardess said in that really annoying voice that all stewardesses seem to have.

    "Stupid bitch," muttered Guri. She was not having a very good day. In fact, she was having a rather shitty day. Ever since she left Fondor she had been having a rather shitty day... and that was a three days ago. The mission wasn't helping either, especially after finding the first of her two charges dead. She began thinking back to her last few minutes aboard ship.

    "All you have to do is pick up two Yuuzhan Vong defectors. One on Fondor, the other on Coruscant. Nothing all that hard," Anakin had said. "I wouldn't be sending you if I didn't think you were the best one for the job."

    "So that's why you're sending me. I thought you just didn't want to go yourself," Guri teased.

    "Well how can I go? I'm helping with the refits. You know full well that I always work alongside the "regular" engineers on my ship when I have the time. Anyway, I think you will handle them much better than I could," said Anakin. "Besides, this gives me a chance to test the limits of my new fighter without your prying eyes there to gripe at me for running the belt with my shields down."

    "Hmmmm. Nice try, Jedi, but you're not getting off that easily. I already thought of that and changed your fighter's access codes," she declared proudly.

    "You assume too much," Anakin laughed.  "Never mess with the fighter of anyone who is a better engineer than yourself. I switched out the ID module with an unencrypted one," he says, pulling a small orange box from his pocket. Guri reaches for it but misses when Anakin holds it just out of reach.

    "You son of a bitch! You tricked me!" Guri said, trying to act angry. She failed miserably. Therefore she punched him in the shoulder.

    "Don't you have transport to catch?" Solo asked.

    "Maybe. But you owe me. A lot." said Guri.

The transport's reentry pulled her from the reveille. She had the bad luck of arriving during a strong thunderstorm.

    "That's two you owe me, Ani," she thought. Coruscant was bad enough, but THIS? What's next, Sith? "I hate this fucking planet" she quietly grumbled.

    The transport landed with a slight lurch. Guri collected her luggage and left as quickly as she could. She was running a day and a half behind already. After leaving the ship, she saw six air taxis and a suspicious looking, to her anyway, New Republic Army APC all docking with the floating landing platform. A few seconds after it was docked, two Noghri and an Alderaanian diplomat exited the craft. Guri recognized them at once.

    "Hello Princess. Anakin didn't tell me you would be here to meet me," Guri said.

    "I never knew you were coming, until Anakin called me last night. Something about a dead Yuuzhan Vong defector. He wouldn't tell me anything, but to meet you here. What happened?" Leia asked.

    "Anakin sent me to pickup a couple of Yuuzhan Vong. One on Fondor  and another one here on Coruscant. The one on Fondor was executed before I got there. So was everyone at the facility where I was supposed to find him."

    "And the police, knowing of your past occupation, must have been suspicious," said Leia.

    "Very. I spent three days in a cell while they checked my story, and the miserable bastards made me pay the cleaning bill," muttered Guri

    They got back into the APC and headed for the Senate building as Leia had an appointment with Borsk Fey'Lya. She gave Guri the APC for the duration of her mission. Guri headed off in the opposite direction, toward the most secure area of the planet... the main archives of New Republic Intelligence.

  Part II

    Jod'lyn Dab'myhn was cold. She was never this cold. Not since her defection, anyway. She could sense that something was amiss. Her bodyguards seemed to have noticed as well. Oddly, however, even after most of them were summoned back to the barracks, none of them realized what was happening. Jod'lyn knew. She had know ever since receiving a rather cryptic message from General Solo saying that her counterpart on Fondor had been killed. It was a useful trick. Especially against Yuuzhan Vong, who don't do well in extreme cold. Just drop the temperature 250º K, wait for about a day, and then move in. Any Yuuzhan Vong left would be too slow to fight back. An easy mark, for someone wanting to get a promotion. No Yuuzhan Vong wanted to die like that. It was as honorless as being killed by having a big rock land on your head. Although she no longer agreed with her people's beliefs of embracing pain, she still had to admit... they were right about this.

    "This is Lt. Colonel Guri requesting permission to land. Security verification code 331 Rancor."

    "We are in lock down mode. Please give secondary codes."

    "Security verification 819 Headhunter."

    "Clearance granted Colonel. Be aware, we are having some trouble with the heating systems. The temperature inside the facility has dropped to two hundred-fifty degrees Kelvin. Repairs are underway, but I don't know when they will be finished. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!" Guri heard three blaster reports before the commlink went dead. Her day just got even worse.

    "Computer, open channel to all military personnel in the area. Attention. This is Lt. Colonel Guri. The NRI main archives are under attack. Repeat, the NRI main archives are under attack. Suggesting Planet-wide Red Alert. Computer, close commlink." She landed the APC just out side of the main entrance. She tied into the facility's main computer and did a scan for life signs. Seven Humans, two Bothans, a Sullustian, two Givin, a Trandoshan, three Durosians, and one Yuuzhan Vong. Two Durosians, the Trandoshan, the Givin, the Yuuzhan Vong, and one of the humans were allies. Add to that one HRD, and that was everyone. She grabbed two blaster carbines and a duffle full of thermal detonators, and headed inside. Fortunately, the door was still open. But, there were two guards just inside the complex. Too bad for them, she was an assassin. Within seconds, they were both smoldering heaps laying on the Plasteel floor. She pulled up the sensor readings in her mind, to get a lock on her target. Floor five, section nine, moving East. She was on Floor one, section one with three of the enemy closing in fast. She ducked into the doorway to her right, just as a Durosian and two Humans came around the corner. They passed by without noticing her, a fatal mistake. Guri pulled out two thermal detonators and chucked them to where the trio was standing, beside the two dead Bothan guards. They never knew what hit them.

    "What was that?" asked Lieutenant Farant.

    "It sounded like a thermal detonator. Let's go check it out. Farant, Lumona, you're with me," said Captain Vanect.

    They didn't have to go far to find the source of the explosion.

    Guri hurried up the access ladder to Floor three. From there she had to get to section seven. She was just entering section five, when she was halted by a Trandoshan, a Givin, and a Human. All wearing New Republic uniforms. All with carbines aimed at her head.

    "Who are you?" asked the Trandoshan.

    "Lt. Colonel Guri. Security chief of the CRS Liberty. You?"

    "Captain Vanect. I am the head of facility security. What's  left of it anyway. Why are you here?"

    "I was sent to pick up Jod'lyn Dab'myhn."

    "We need to get her out of here. Lumona, try to get main power back online. Farant go with him."

    "Yes sir," they said in unison.

    "If you will follow me Colonel," said Vanect. "She isn't far"

    They ran through corridor after corridor. Finally, they came secluded, and rarely used, emergency turbolift.

    "This will get us there a lot faster than on foot," Vanect explained. "Floor five."

    The lift started moving with a jerk. Soon it deposited them in a very large hallway. Vanect led her through the corridor until they got to a set of Durasteel blast doors.

    "She's in here."

    Vanect entered his pass codes, and they gained entry. Inside were the rest of Vanect's security force, plus the facility medic, a Durosian named Vachek. He was treating a second-degree laser burn on Jod'lyn's abdomen. They were greeted by the other Durosian, a sniper named Palon.

Part III

    "Lumona to Vanect. We are under heavy fire. Three Humans and one Sullustian. Request reinforcements."

    "On our way," said the large reptilian.

    "Palon, come with me," said Guri. "Vanect. Protect Dab'myhn."

    By the time they were there, Farant had been killed, and Lumona was badly wounded. Luckily, they had gotten main power back on before hand.

    "Palon, cover me," ordered Guri. She silently snuck up behind the closest of the Humans and quickly snapped his neck. She picked up a nearby piece of re-rod and impaled the Sullustian through the top of her head. She then picked up the body, and threw it at the two remaining Humans. Palon took advantage of this and killed both with one shot. They got Lumona into the turbolift just as the last two Humans caught up with them.

    "Get him to the medic," Guri said.

    With that, she lunged for the closest enemy. She knocked him off balance and  landed atop him. With one quick punch, she splattered his brain all over the floor plating. She grabbed the other, who was running away. Instead of killing this one, she merely broke his back. Now she wanted answers.

    "Who are you?" she demanded.

    "Peace Brigade." he replied.

    "You do know the war is over, don't you?"

    He started laughing at that. "If you really think it ended, you're sadly mistaken. Our allies will be coming back. Very soon. And this time no one will be able to hold them back!" he proudly declared.

    "Then I can assume you have the same thoughts about droids the Vong do?" she asked.

    "All droids are abominations!" he exclaimed.

    "Well, then," she said with a smile, "You should know that the last person you will ever see, is a droid." She grabbed him by the neck and began to squeeze ever so slightly until she heard his spinal column crunching and knew that he was dead. "Never fuck with a pissed off droid." she told the carcass. With the last of the intruders killed, she decided go finish her mission.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Guri returned the APC to Leia later that day, along with a very detailed description of the entire incident. Since the transport Leia had booked for Guri and Dab'myhn wouldn't arrive for two more hours, she decided to make a call.

    "Hello Anakin," said Guri.

    "I heard what happened," he said. "But, I thought the Peace Brigade was eliminated," Anakin said.

    "It would seem that we have been mislead for quite some time. And not only about  the Brigade. It appears that the Yuuzhan Vong are planning to come back for round two," elaborated Guri

    "I probably should have told you this earlier, but I already knew about their retun trip,"  admitted Anakin

    "The Yuuzhan Vong?" Guri asked.

    "Yes. Thats why I sent you on this mission. The defector on Fondor defected about five years ago, but the one on Coruscant was found on Gyndene eight months ago." Anakin explained.

    "Well, its almost time to leave. We wil continue this discussion when I get back. Alright?" she asked.

    "Okay. I'll be there when you land. Solo out."

    Guri and Jod'lyn collected their bags and headed for the transport. With any luck, they would have a smooth trip.

The End

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