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Archive II

December 16, 2001
Please excuse my recent lack of updates. I've been really busy with
school work and the like. I do have some good news, though... I have
finally gotten around to making a few mods for Armada II. They've both
been uploaded and are available for download on the new Mod page.
I'm also planning to submit them to a few more "well-established" mod
sites too. That's about it for now. So long.

November 28, 2001
I've spent three days working on it. I have to admit, it looks much
better now that there are frames. In case you haven't noticed, the
news from the last days of the old site have been moved into a
new archive. There is also a separate page for the webrings now,
and STR has been moved in with my essays. Right now I'm working
on one about String Theory, though it won't be done until early Dec. (its
my English III research paper).

November 23, 2001
After seeing what trellix can do, I've decided to use it te re-design this
site, like I did with what once was this site's atheism section (now an
independent site). The problem, however, is that its gonna take a while
to rebuild the entire site (I've gotta start from scratch), so don't expect
any updates within the next month. When I'm finished, the site will be
moved to Tripod, though the entry page here on geocities will remain

November 18, 2001
I thought you might like to know that the atheism section (Atheism... The Final Frontier) has been moved off of geocities. The old page is still viewable (though it is a far cry from being as well laid-out as the new one), but only if you look it up on the geocities member page search thingy. It gives you a choice of going to the old site (permanently inactive) or to the new site (which was build with trellix and has frames). Also, I plan to leave up the atheist links page for this site, but all forthcoming updates will be to the tripod link page.

November 7, 2001
Hey guys, its me again. I regret to inform you that as of yet, I haven't been able to add the new Flash nav bar (when I tried it, the page's download time skyrocketed to over thirty minutes!). This probably means that it'll be a long time before I add it in. In other news, Centerpoint has won two awards; the Seal of Excelence, and the Web Select Award, both from My thanks to the judges!

November 3, 2001
Be on the lookout for a new links page. I'm adding links to some MOD sites for Star Trek: Armada I & II (when I get it). First off, are STAMODS, Armada Universe, the Modders Continuum, and the official sites for both games. Also I've made a new FLASH navbar for the site (thanks to which will be added to the main page (after I get it to work). I'm working on another for the Atheism page too. If they work out, I may add them to every page (except essays and the like) and get rid of the back links. I'm also going to be separating the webrings from the links page sometime in the next week.

November 1, 2001
Hey everyone, I finally got up off my ass and did something! I decided to start putting my English papers on the site, the news section (obviously) has been re-done (the old updates are in the archives), and I've added a link to my high school in the other links page. The first essay up is on William Bradford, and as soon as I can find it I'll add my essay on Albert Einstein. BTW, I'm gonna revamp the spinning name, because it has the wrong animation. I'll be back.

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