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Essays and Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction

Star Trek:  Republic    Updated 12/31/2001
Rating:  R    Status:  On hold and off line

    Eight years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, which nearly destroyed everything the New Republic and her allies had created in the galaxy, the Vong have returned... and this time they are going after the United Federation of Planets and the rest of the Milky Way as well.

Death of a Dumbshit
Rating: PG-13    Status:  Complete

    This story chronicles a very strange day in the life of a very well known, and hated, TNG character.

A Day in the Life
Rating: PG-13    Status:  Complete

    Guri, now Security Officer of the CRS Liberty under General Anakin Solo, is on a mission to retrieve two Yuuzhan Vong defectors and bring them to the Liberty. But a seemingly easy mission becomes very difficult when one of the defectors turns up dead.
Note: This story is set two years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War

Part I        Part II    Part III


William Bradford

The Cuttlefish

String Theory


    F.Y.I. This poem was written while listening to the Pink Floyd song of the same name.

Atomic Rumble
    A short synopsis of life in the early universe.

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